The NS LCD series on line double conversion UPS with full time Digital Signal Processor control technology supplies your critical device with stable, regulated, transient-free and pure-sine-wave AC power. High-efficiency PWM sine-wave topology yields excellent overall performance. User-friendly plug-and-play design allows hassle-free installation.


The backup series is composed by: Rectifier, Inverter, Static Switch, manual by-pass and Battery.
The Rectifier-Inverter line normally feeds the users, and the Battery is kept charged by the Rectifier. The wide input voltage tolerance of 110-300 V allows under-voltage or over-voltage correction without unnecessary battery drain and helps extend battery life.
If a black out occurs, the Battery supplies power energy to users always through the Inverter. When the blackout is over, the Rectifier provides for Battery charge.
If a short circuit or an overload occurs to the users, the Static By-pass switches the load over the emergency line, provides visible and audible alarms, and cuts the output supply automatically until the short circuit situation is resolved manually.

  • Double conversion online technology.
  • 0.9 output Power Factor.
  • Filtered, stabilized sine wave supply.
  • Active Harmonic Current Control.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range.
  • Zero transfer time.
  • DC-start function.
  • Automatic inverter restart after a black out even with battery off.
  • Add matching battery cabinets.
  • LCD display showing status and input/output measurements, backup runtime estimation included.
  • Smart battery management system to extend batteries’ life.
  • Remote On Off control, as option.
  • EPO Emergency Power OFF.
  • RS 232 & USB standard, dry contacts, RS485 and SNMP as option.

Presenza rete, bypass, inverter, modalità batteria, batteria bassa, sovraccarico, guasto.

LCD retroilluminato
Tensione, Frequenza, livello carico applicato, livello batteria, corrente uscita, stima autonomia residua.

ON/OFF, test batteria, by-pass manuale, spostamento visualizzazione delle grandezze elettriche dell’UPS.

Ogni UPS della serie NS LCD è provvisto in configurazione standard di una porta di comunicazione RS232 ed USB. Queste interfaccia di comunicazione possono essere utilizzati con il software fornito a gratuitamente a richiesta. Oltre alla dotazione standard gli UPS della serie NS LCD possono utilizzare quali accessori in alternativa:

  • Interfaccia di rete SNMP con software dedicato e multi client gratuito;
  • Interfaccia RS 485;
  • Porta a contatti puliti per remotizzazione allarmi.

Additional battery cabinets to upgrade the backup time till several hours even after the first installation. On request the add battery cabinet can be provided with an external independent battery charger to guarantee a fast recharge.
External Bypass Switch Box Series. the external maintenance bypass and power output distribution switch allows you to manually transfer the connected equipment to utility power via a maintenance bypass switch and vice versa. It is available till 400 A and it is suitable for single UPS and for a system composed till no. 4 UPS in parallel

  • Slot per interfaccia opzionale.
  • EPO
  • Porta USB
  • Porta RS232
  • Connettore per batteria esterna
  • Prese uscita AC
  • Interruttore ingresso
  • Presa cavo ingresso
  • Interruttori uscita per due linee (opzionale)

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