This equipment, in addition to controlling the operation of the auxiliary circuits (air conditioning, heating) of European-type passenger carriages, allows the calibration of the line voltage selectors. Rated voltages:
  • 1000vAC 16,66Hz; single phase; adjustable from 6000Vac to 1100Vac
  • 1500Vac 50Hz; single phase; adjustable from 1140Vac to 1760Vac
  • 1500Vdc; adjustable from 810Vdc to 2155Vdc
  • 3000Vdc; adjustable from 1620Vdc to 4255Vdc
Rated Powers:
  • 60kW
  • 100kW
The equipment can be supplied separately or combined. The photo shows a 100kW device that supplies all 4 voltages.