• The TPH KING PT PF1 series represents the latest generation of UPS PF1 in three-phase medium power systems without transformer (VFI-SS-111). TPH KING PT provides the perfect solution for small and medium-sized data centers, communication rooms, IT networks, and any mission critical application that requires high power and energy efficiency. TPH KING PT has a solution with integrated internal batteries from 10 to 60kW, minimizing the size of use. The flexibility in the number of configurable batteries from 30 to 50 monoblocs allows to optimize costs and back up time. The high efficiency in ON-LINE mode of 96.6% (VFI) and 99.4% in OFF-LINE mode guarantees maximum energy savings.
  • TPH IND series represents the last transformer double conversion (VFI) power protection technology designed to protect a wide area of critical applications including server rooms, networks, telecommunication system, industrial processes and medical equipment. Unmatched reliability, excellent electrical performance, exceptionally compact size and outstanding cost-efficiency housed in an attractive enclosure are only some features of this new UPS solution. Monitoring and control data are shown on an easy to understand front panel display featuring pushbutton controls, LCD read out for event logs and diagnostics and a mimic diagram for system status. The power protection system can be remotely monitored via RS232, RS485, dry contact or SNMP interface. The TPHIND series is available from 10kVA to 100kVA models.
  • TPH IGBT series represents the latest generation of UPS in three-phase high-power transformer (VFI-SS-111) designed to protect a wide area of critical applications. For technology, performances (Eco Mode selectable from the panel), LCD display for alarms, measurements and historical events, 2 serial interface, RS232 and dry contacts, the series TPH IGBT is the perfect solution for powering all the sensitive electronics and security devices such as electro, data centers and telecommunications, industrial processes and systems of centralized power as required by EN 50171. All UPS TPH IGBT series can mount the main systems of communication interface such as dry contact interface, second RS232, RS485, USB, remote panel LCD, with SNMP software.
  • The TPH KING Modular UPS with power factor 1.0, represents the latest generation of three phase transformer-less of medium and big size. The power scalable parallel architecture and hot-swap modular topology with no break power transfer are the answers to CED and all other energy applications, where reliability and near zero downtime are a central need. The flexibility and the scalable features of this three phase modular UPS allow to increase the power during the time according to customer’s power requirements grow. The possibility to right size the system power over time, and to add power without need of additional floor print space, with the high input PF and low THID UPS performance reduce the main impact parameters to the TCO Total Cost of Ownership. The decentralized parallel architecture is based on independent safe swap modules, where each module includes the entire UPS hardware and software, eliminating all common parts which are potential single points of failure. Every MD or MD-X power module includes distributed power units, static bypass and control panel. The batteries can be configured separately for each module or common for all MD or MD-X modules. The core technology of the TPH KING Modular product family is based on 5 intelligent modules 10, 20, 25 and 50, 60kW whose combination at equal power allows to create systems from 10kVA / kW to 3.6 MVA / MW.
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