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The SPH KING ST E PF1 series represents the latest generation of UPS PF1 in three-single-phase medium power transformer-less systems (VFI-SS-111).
SPH KING ST E provides the perfect solution for small to medium sized data centers, communication rooms, IT networks, and any mission critical application that requires high power and energy efficiency.
SPH KING ST E has a solution with integrated internal batteries from 10 to 20kW, reducing the footprint to a minimum. Available in three cabinet solutions, they are distinguished by the ability to contain a different number of batteries or accessories, such as an output isolation transformer, air filters on the front door or higher levels of IP protection.


Under normal power supply conditions, the load is powered directly by the Inverter while the rectifier supplies the necessary power to the Inverter and to charge the batteries.
If one of the following conditions occurs on the power supply network: power failure, lack of a phase, voltage out of tolerance, the battery provides the necessary energy for the inverter to power the load without interruption. Once normal operating conditions have been restored, the rectifier charges the battery and at the same time powers the load through the inverter.
If one of the following conditions occurs:
overload, Inverter output voltage out of tolerance, Inverter input voltage out of tolerance, Inverter fault, overtemperature, the load is automatically transferred, without interruption, to the emergency network. When normal operating conditions are restored, the load is automatically transferred back to the Inverter.

  • Input power factor 0.99
  • Output power factor PF1, kVA = kW
  • Harmonic distortion THiD input ≤ 3%
  • 96.6% VFI efficiency
  • 5″ graphic touchscreen display
  • three different frame types available
  • Transfer time zero
  • Sinusoidal voltage, filtered stabilized
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Cold start
  • Parallelable up to 8 units (N + 1)
  • Full discharge battery protection
  • ONLINE / OFFLINE operating mode
  • RS232, basic contact port and Bluetooth


  • SNMP interface, RS485, dry contacts
  • Isolation transformer
  • Synchronization kit
  • Parallel kit
  • Back feed protection
  • Battery temperature probe
  • Local temperature probe
  • LCD remote panel
  • External manual bypass
  • Separate emergency line (standard in C cabinet version)

ELIT’s UPS are equipped with a colored graphic touch screen display providing UPS information, measurements, operating states and alarms in different languages.

The SPH KING ST E series UPS is equipped with a standard USB interface, EPO terminals for NC emergency shutdown, 2 slots for SNMP and additional accessory cards such as RS485 Modbus, contact port, slot for parallel and connection accessory card for external battery temperature probe. It is also possible to add an external manual by-pass to the UPS for maintenance, which allows, for example, to replace the UPS without interrupting the load.

This function, with the dedicated accessory card inserted in the appropriate slot, allows the UPS to operate in redundancy, when the necessary power is lower than the rated power of the single group (N + 1), and to operate in power (2N) when for inrush or more power needed, the power of the single UPS is exceeded.

With its flexible range of three cabinet solutions A-B-C, ELIT SPH KING ST E pf1 is suitable for use in a wide range of applications. In/outlet terminals are placed in the front bottom under the switch isolators of the apparatus in B-C cabinet version and rear in A version. On request is possible to provide the apparatus with input/output and battery terminals from the top.

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