The inverters of the ELIT INV 110 series, with IGBTs modulated in PWM, supply an isolation transformer providing a sinusoidal and stabilized output voltage.
All the equipment is distinguished by the use of technologically advanced components, for excellent reliability, and simple maintenance.
These devices are designed for use:

  • Automation
  • Industrial and petrochemical plants
  • Telecommunications
  • Railway sector
  • Civil and military aeronautics
  • Civil and military naval
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The Inverter ELIT INV 110 transforms the DC voltage into a stabilized sinusoidal alternating voltage. The modulation technique used is of the PWM type.
The switching frequency is optimized to achieve reduced output harmonic content, rapid response to load changes and low switching losses.
In the emergency line version, on request, it is possible to supply the inverter with priority the AC power line and intervention of the DC power supply in case of mains failure.

The main components that composed the inverter ELIT INV 110 are:

  • Input filter
  • IGBT conversion unit (Inverter)
  • Output filter
  • Output insulation transformer
  • Static switch as option
  • Manual by-pass as option
  • Insulation transformer for emergency line as option
  • Parallel kit feature as option


  1. IGBT Greatz bridge type with PWM regulation
  2. Output current limitation
  3. Output voltage detector min – max
  4. Heat sink temperature detector
  5. DC link voltage detector min – max
  6. Short circuit running

It transfers the load from the inverter to the emergency line in the event of an inverter overload or failure.
The bypass is available in three configurations with different transfer times:

  • Contactor solution, with a transfer time of about 100msec.
  • Static contactor solution, with a transfer time of about 50msec.
  • Static switch solution, with tranfer time zero.

In this last configuration, the transfer takes place automatically and without interruption.

  1. Min – max mains voltage monitor
  2. Quartz mains frequency monitor
  3. Mains – inverter transfer manual or automatic and vice versa
  4. Transfer inhibition mains – inverter after 5-6 attempts
  5. Heat sink temperature detector

If the limits are exceeded, the load is transferred to the emergency line and the inverter is switched off. When the normal conditions are restored, the Inverter will be re-inserted.

LCD display with backlight. The display is divided into four menus accessible with the corresponding function keys: The main measures are:
voltage (phase voltage, phase-to-neutral and neutral-ground)
main voltage (only for DC power supply)
phase current
neutral current calculated and real power (active, reactive and apparent phase and total)
P.F. (Power factor of each phase and total)
Cosphì of each phase and total frequency (frequency measurement of the voltage measured)
asymmetry of voltage and current
total harmonic distortion (THD) of voltages and currents
analysis of voltage and current up to the 63rd harmonic
function max. (HIGH) and the min. (LOW) for the acquisition and storage of the instantaneous values of voltage, current, power, PF, Con. and frequency
averaging function
peak values (maximum demand) power and current
flow direction of the power harmonics
texts in 5 languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese).
accuracy for IEC / EN 50470-3 (MID Class B).

The apparatus is provided with a dry contact to remote the following signaling:

  • inverter alarm
  • inverter running
  • ON/OFF remote control as option

Additional interface modules for measurements transmission as option:

  • RS485 interface
  • RS232interface
  • Profibus-DP interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • Output pulses
  • Analogical output
  • Alarms

We realize custom apparatus according to customer’s technical data employing the standard series sets and therefore with experimented feature.e

  • Fix or variable input voltage
  • Fix or variable output voltage
  • Cabinet protection degree for outdoor use
  • Extended working temperature from -40°C to 50°C
  • Parallel configuration kit
  • Parallel cabinet with system switches
  • Voltage accuracy calibration with potentiometer
  • Frequency accuracy calibration with potentiometer
  • Distribution cabinet
  • Drop line compensator
  • Mobile version
  • Under bridge configuration

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