The sinusoidal DC / AC inverter of the ELIT INV-LC series has been designed with a particular constructive simplicity, high reliability and maximum safety. It uses microprocessor-controlled high-frequency PWM technology to provide a pure sine wave output voltage. High frequency conversion enables compact construction, low weight and high efficiency. The Inverter ELIT INV-LC is able to generate a 230Vac sinusoidal alternating voltage (110Vac single-phase as an option) starting from a DC 12V, 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 110Vdc and 220Vdc.
INV-LC sine wave ELIT inverters power electronic consumers in the fields of industrial, railway, military, naval, mining, utility, telecommunications and aviation support equipment.

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The ELIT Inverter INV-LC transforms the continuous voltage into an alternating sinusoidal stabilized voltage. The PWM modulation technique used reduces the harmonic content of the output and limits voltage deviations under step load conditions

  • Electronic Bypass for automatic transfer of the load from the inverter to the emergency line in case of overload or inverter failure (~ 5msec)
  • DC priority function: main source selection, AC or DC for load power supply, settable from the display.
  • RS232 communication interface and dry contact port (RS485, SNMP optional).
  • Efficiency ≥85%
  • LCD display for measurements and alarms
  • 230V single-phase output (optional 110V)

DC input current, AC input current,
AC input frequency, output voltage, output current, output frequency, load percentage.
Operating mode: AC or DC source

ON-OFF, display of electric measurement, selection of primary source AC or DC.

Input voltage not OK, selected source, overload, general alarm

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