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The CPS SPH KING series has been designed in compliance with the EN50171 standard for independent centralized power supply systems of safety equipment, ideal for safety lighting in case of power supply failure, they can be applied to power other safety equipment, such as electrical circuits for automatic fire-fighting systems, paging systems and safety signaling systems, smoke extraction systems, carbon monoxide signaling systems and specific safety systems in high-risk areas. The CPS SPH KING series is available in powers from 6kVA to 15kVA.


The loads can be divided into two types:

  1. Users always powered (SA). the users are always fed both in the presence and absence of the mains.
  2. Users powered emergency service only (SE) as option. The users are fed only in the absence of the mains.
  • Operation as UPS (ON LINE). with the mains, the SA users are fed from the inverter (voltage stabilized and filtered), in mains failure condition, the inverter feeds both SA and SE (as option) users.
  • Operation as an Emergency Device (OFF LINE). To reduce power consumption, an alternative mode is the following way: in the presence of the mains the load is supplied by the mains (filtered), in mains failure condition, the inverter feeds both SA and SE (as option) users.

In both previous cases, it is possible to control the power to the SE load with an external contact.

  • Output power factor 0.9.
  • Efficiency up to 99% offline.
  • Transfer time zero (ONLINE mode).
  • Parallelable up to 8 units (optional).
  • Sinusoidal stabilized and filtered output voltage.
  • Wide input voltage and frequency range, minimizing the battery usage.
  • Overload capacity 120% continuous.
  • Battery monitoring and temperature. dependent charging function as option.
  • LCD display for measurements, system parameters and event log.
  • Full discharge battery protection.
  • ONLINE / OFFLINE operation mode.
  • Insulation transformer (optional).
  • Accessory slot, 2nd RS 232, dry contact, RS485 and SNPM.
  • Compliance with the European standard EN50171.
  • Battery life design 10 years.

The control panel consists of a graphic display, 6 LEDs of visual signal and 4 function keys. 5.1” LCD Display with 16 lines and up to 40 characters each. The resolution is 240×128 pixels in black and white.

Messages are available in the following languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, and Russian. A large graphic display is located at the center of the control panel, enabling you to always have a detailed overview of UPS status in the foreground and in real time. Directly from the control panel, the user can turn on / off the UPS, check the electrical measurements of the network, output, battery, etc., and perform the main machine settings.

The front panel (behind the door) allows access to the following communication ports:

  • Serial port, available with RS232 connector and USB connector.
  • EPO.
  • No. 2 Expansion Slots for additional interface cards.

Dry contact card
There are two accessory types of dry contact cards, with 4 and 8-way programmable.

Emergency Power Off – EPO
The isolated contact is used to turn off the UPS in an emergency. The Emergency Power Off facility must use a Normally Closed contact, which opens to operate the emergency stop sequence. The EPO circuit is self-powered with SELV circuits. No external power supply is required.

The SNMP network adapter manages UPS through the LAN by using one of the main TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SNMP v1 and SNMP v3 network communication protocols. The software allows UPS to be integrated into medium and large networks and to provide reliable communication between the UPS and the management system used.

Modbus / Jbus protocol converter via RS485 output for UPS monitoring in BMS (Build Management System).

Profibus DP
External accessory that allows the UPS to be integrated into a Profibus DP network. With this device UPS management and monitoring can be integrated into a control system based on one of the most widely used bus buses in the industrial field for communication between control / automation systems and distributed I/O.

Remote Panel
Remote Panel that allows remote UPS monitoring and real-time detailed overview of operating conditions; it can display on the display the values of the UPS specifying input and output, and battery measurements. The graphic display has a high definition and manages 7 languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

External battery temperature sensor
The UPS has a dedicated input to detect the temperature inside a Remote Battery Box and display the temperature on the UPS display.

External maintenance bypass
You can install a remote maintenance bypass on a peripheral electrical board, for example to allow UPS to be replaced without interrupting power supply.

The CPS SPH KING may be paralleled for power capacity or for redundancy up to 8 units to increase the power capacity or configuring a parallel redundant UPS system. The standard version is not provided with this feature which is optional and field upgradable.

In/outlet terminals are placed in the front bottom under the switch isolators of the apparatus. On request is possible to provide the apparatus with input/output and battery terminals from the top.


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