The inverters ELIT-INV series are outcome of a long experience in the planning and manufacturing of UPS.
The DC/AC converters distinguish themselves by advanced employed components, and by their excellent reliability and higher maintenance, aim characteristics of all ELIT products.

These apparatus are studied for the following main applications:

  • Wind power and photovoltaic plants;
  • Automation;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Railway field;
  • Civil and military aviation;
  • Civil and military shipyard.
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The inverter ELIT-INV series, with the microprocessor control that rules the performances and the signalling, is able to generate a stabilized and sinusoidal 230Vac from a dc link voltage. The conversion is realized with a power mosfet stage that drives a raiser transformer with scattered flux. The transformer gets also the insulation between input and output circuits. The pcb board generates the driver signals of mosfets keeping the output voltage stabilized in all load conditions. The pcb board includes also the electronic circuits to prevent the power stage from overload and short circuits.
The inverter is available in three different configuration: open frame, cabinet and rack mounting.

  • Input voltage: 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc and 110Vdc;
  • Filtered, stabilized and regulated sine wave supply;
  • Extended window input voltage;
  • Insulation transformer;
  • 230Vac emergency line with automatic circuit breaker as option;
  • LEDs signaling;
  • Dry contacts interface to remote alarms;
  • ON/OFF remote control (as option);
  • Different voltages and frequencies (as request);
  • Custom apparatus

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