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Static Frequency Converter 1-3kVA MMFC60

ELIT Srl designs and manufactures 60Hz static frequency converters since 1987.
All our equipment is distinguished by the use of technologically advanced components, for excellent reliability, and simple maintenance. The simplicity of operation is the main feature of all our equipment.


This rugged, AC/AC frequency converter system uses field proven, microprocessor controlled high frequency PWM technology to generate the required output power with pure sine wave output voltage. The built-in fans provide sufficient airflow for operation without de-rating within the specified temperature range. The high frequency conversion enables a compact construction, low weight and high efficiency. The unit has full electronic protection. The input and output are filtered for low noise. The use of components with established reliability results in high MTBF (110.000 hours @ 45°C).

  • Inputs: universal (95-264Vac), 115Vac, 230Vac or custom;
  • PFC available on certain AC-input designs;
  • Outputs: 115Vac or 230Vac (1-Phase);208V, 380V or 400V (3-Phase);
  • Custom outputs available;
  • Single or three-phase designs;
  • EMI filtering to meet any standard;
  • Wide operating temperature ranges available;
  • Full electronic protection;
  • Remote shut down on certain units;
  • Adjustment for output voltage and frequency;
  • RoHS compliance.
    Light indicators: None
    Control Input: ON/OFF switch
    Alarm Output: Not installed
    Light indicators: Line ON, Output ready
    Output measurements: V, A, Hz
    Control Input: switch isolator
    Control Output: switch isolator

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