Quality Management System

With the adoption of a certified Quality Management System, ELIT Srl has undertaken the commitment to assure the quality of its supplies to satisfy the expectations of the Customers and to consolidate ELIT brand in the fields of interest:

  • Constant current regulators for public lighting;
  • Static Frequency Converters to 60Hz and 400Hz for airport and marine fields;
  • Constant Current Regulators for airfield lighting;
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply;
  • Shore Power Converters for harbor and on-board application;
  • Solid state converter for testing passenger coaches;
  • 3kV high input voltage inverter for railway application;

Moreover, with the adoption of the QMS, ELIT Srl sets itself the followings targets:

  1. Getting a sense of the culture of Quality to the people that operate in the organization, involving them in the knowledge of the importance of its own activity;
  2. Preventing, reducing and trying to eliminate the not conformity that causes wastes and additional costs. When not correct, the not conformities cause loss of credibility by the Customers and several additional costs for the correction on site;
  3. Improving constantly the supply of products and services as the market required with marketing and meeting activity;
  4. Involving constantly the personnel to the company Quality Management System;
  5. Fixing yearly suitable and measurable targets to verify the effectiveness of the QMS.
  6. Constant search for greater efficiency of processes, for better sustainability of the system over time and for a more accurate allocation of investments.