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Static frequency converters, ELIT FC series, are outcome of a long experience both in UPS and in frequency converters field. To complete our apparatus series for airfield applications, constant current regulators for lighting system and 28.5vdc feeder for the engine starter are available. All of our equipments distinguish themselves by the employment of advanced technological components, excellent reliability and easy maintenance. The simplicity of working is the main feature of all of our products.

1) Input data:  
Rated voltage: 3 x 400V +-15%
Frequency: 50/60Hz +-5%
Input current at full load: see table
Power factor 0.94
Total Current Harmonic Distortion 11%
Inrush current absent
2) Ouput data:  
Rated power (cosphì=0,8): see table
Rated voltage: 200/115V 4w
Frequency: 400Hz ±0,1%
Power factor: ind./cap.
Waveform: sinusoidal
Total Harmonic Distortion (linear load): 3%
Voltage regulation: ± 1%
Voltage transient (for load step 0-100% and back): ± 8%
Recovery time: 2 msec.
Overload 10 minutes: 1.25 of full load
Overload 1 minute: 1.5 of full load
Overload 10 seconds: 2 of full load
Voltage symmetry with balanced load: ± 1%
Voltage symmetry with 30% unbalanced loa: ± 2%
3) System parameters:  
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height mm) : see table
Weight (kgs): see table
Efficiency: >90%
Audible noise: 68dBA
Operating temperature: –25°C to +50°C
Non operating temperature: -25°C to +60°C
Relative humidity (non condensing): 0 to 95%
Altitude without derating: 1000m msl
Enclosure: IP 20
Cooling: forced air
4) Standars:  

CE compliant.
ISO 6858: Ground support electrical supplies – General requirements
EN 2282: Characteristics of aircraft electrical supplies
EN50091-1 : safety requirements
EN 61000-6-2: Electromagnetic compatibility. Emission
EN 61000-6-4: Electromagnetic compatibility. Immunity.

5) Breakers, operator controls, measures, indicators:
Input circuit breaker (door interlocked)
Output switch
ON/OFF switch operator
Measures: output voltage,
output current,
output frequency
Indicators: frequency converter running
frequency converter alarm
Remote control ON/OFF Converter
6) Available options:
Input Voltage
Output voltage
IP 55
Extended temperature range: from -40°C to +50°C
UPS version
Parallel version
NBPT Output contactor
Aircraft interlock circuits
Drop line compensation Remote
Voltage control for very long lines
Voltage fine regulation (potentiometer)
Frequency fine regulation (potentiometer)
Distribution Cabinet
Drop line compensator cabinet
Mobile Version Under Bridge version
Output 28Vdc voltage
Rated power Input current Dimensions Weight
5kVA/4kW 7.5 A 400x700x700mm 100kgs
7.5kVA/6kW 11.25 A 400x700x700mm 110kgs
10kVA/8kW 15 A 400x700x700mm 120kgs
12.5kVA/10kW 18.5 A 400x700x700mm 150kgs
15kVA/12kW 22.5 A 400x700x700mm 180kgs
20kVA/16kW 30 A 600x800x1200mm 250kgs
25kVA/20kW 37.5 A 600x800x1200mm 270kgs
30kVA/24kW 45 A 600x800x1200mm 300kgs
40kVA/32kW 60 A 800x600x1500mm 400kgs
45kVA/36kW 67.5 A 800x600x1500mm 450kgs
60kVA/48kW 90 A 1200x600x1500mm 550kgs
80kVA/64kW 120 A 1200x600x1800mm 650kgs
90kVA/72kW 135 A 1200x600x1800mm 700kgs
120kVA/96kW 180 A 1200x600x1800mm 900kgs
150kVA/120kW 225 A 1200x600x1800mm 950kgs
180kVA/144kW 270 A 1200x600x1800mm 1300kgs
270kVA/216kW 405 A 1500x950x1850mm 2170kgs
315kVA/252kW 472 A 1500x950x1850mm 2250kgs

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